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Why’s my Spotify not adding lyrics anymore?

Why’s my Spotify not adding lyrics anymore?

I got kicked out of premium users due to my inability to pay that month. Now I paid and my lyrics went missing
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Lyrics are not a premium feature and should show up no matter what plan you have.

Are there no lyrics for every song, or just some?

I know for a fact that this song has lyrics synced with it. Could you try this one?





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Hello!! I have the same issue and responses in the FAQ did not hello. Did you fini an answer?

Thank u 🙂

Hey @Maellegiroux 


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared. 


In this case, just to confirm, is this happening with all the songs you listen to, or just a couple ones? Can you see the lyrics to this song? If yes, let us know. 


On another note, since you can't see the lyrics, we'd like to check: are you listening to your music in Offline mode? If so, you'll need to connect to a Wifi network or your mobile data.

We'd also recommend you log out and log in twice onto your Spotify account; this way the system will force a resync of your account.

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