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Hello, I have a problem with my Spotify Connect. At first I was able to use the Withings Aura to play the songs of Spotify. But after I watched a video, I could no longer use the aura to play songs. No matter how I tried. I tried to reset all network settings and reset all settings. And uninstall and reinstall Spotify. I also tried to dissociate and re-associate the Aura but still cannot use the Spotify Connect feature...

Can you help me???
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Same here... 

Very frustrating. Anyone solved the problem?


Did you ever find the solution?  I am having the same issue.  It worked for a day.  All of the Spotify info says it must be on the same wifi, but Spotify only sees my bluetooth headset not my Aura. 


I have turned blue tooth on/off, disociated my Aura and re-associated it and confirmed the home network.  Uninstalled and reinstall spotify in my iPhone.  Confirmed iPhone is also on my same home Wifi. 


I like this feature to wake up to music and would really like to get it working.

Yes I have.

You need to reset the Aura by disconnecting and reconnecting physically the power cable behind the Aura 5 times in a row.

No need to re setup, all should work perfectly after this. 

Try it. 

Now it works well for me. Sometimes it disconnects again but when it happens I unplug/replug sometimes even just once and it works again.

You tell me.



Thank you. I tried it but I think mine is defective. I can't even see it on my Bluetooth anymore. I'll see if I can get it replaced by Withings. Diane

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