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New to Spotify

I'm one of I'm sure many new subscribers after the fall of rdio. While still trying to get use to all the great new formats to enjoy, there are a few that I either can't find, or hope that you'll consider in the future.

1. I would really like to add my own artwork to the playlist I create. Since you're users are exercising their creative juices to put together a list of songs that can be enjoyed by others, please let us go all the way and give flavor and mood by selecting cover art.

2. How about a sleep timer. I like to fall asleep listening to music... But... I don't necessarily want it to play all night.

3. How about an auto play switch that will automatically play similar music after an album or playlist has ended. It's a great way to discover more music that I may like based on the previously played item.

4. Play counts on albums and playlists. I really enjoy seeing just how many times my playlist has been played, and if possible, see who has listened. It's a great way to find new friends who like similar music.

Change is always hard. And while I'm sure that I will discover a lot of things great about Spotify, these are just a few features that kept me glued to the other guy for several years.

Just some thoughts that I hope you'll consider.
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Hey @Mickeyrules64!


Some solid suggestions. Definitely take a look at the ideas board and submit some of them!


Regarding the "sleep timer"... well, your iOS actually has one built in!


1. Open the Clock app

2. Tap the Timer tab

3. Set the time for how long you want the music to play.

4. In the "When the timer ends" menu, select "Stop Playing."

5. Press start

6. Get some beauty sleep!



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