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Yet another high data usage issue - even after checking all settings

Yet another high data usage issue - even after checking all settings

I recently got a new phone, and made sure ALL my playlists are downloaded before listening. And it is still chewing through a heap of data. I ran a test - reset all my download stats after having 3.7GB used by Spotify in 15 days (about 247mb per day).

Played ONLY music that is in my playlists (as previously stated, all 'downloaded') and ran through 176 mb after a single day (about 3~ish hours of usage while no wifi connectivity).

what the? I've been slugged a heap from my Telco because of the excess usage, when I've done everything recommended by Spotify to ensure as little usage as possible.

My set up:

IPhone 6S, running IOS 10.0.2

Spotify Premium, version

ALL playlists downloaded

Download over Cellular turned off

Streaming data quality set to normal

Thanks in advance for any suggestions - I'm not going to keep using Spotify if I am going to get slugged for an average of 4gb over my data plan.

2 Replies

Hi there!

I have not personally experienced this issue but I did think of two options that could help.


- When you open the Spotify app tap on the settings menu at the top right of your screen, then go to Playback and tap the "Offline" switch. This is supposed to make it so that you can only play downloaded songs.


If after doing that you are still facing the same issue you might want to do the next thing:


- Go to your phone's settings and tap on "Cellular" (should be right below Bluetooth) and when you are in there scroll all the way down to Spotify and disable it. This should make it so that the Spotify app is not allowed to use your cellular data at all, thus you will only be able to stream non-downloaded songs when you are using WiFi. 


I hope this was useful!

Thanks for that - I've been using offline mode which definitely makes a difference, but seems like a bandaid fix to me. Because if I then want to do a search, I'll need to go online and it'll then start using data to stream again (I understand the search itself will cause usage and accept that). I shouldn't have to switch on and offline just to stop it streaming data.

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