You are listening on web player Pop up

You are listening on web player Pop up


I’m so confused, I keep getting a pop up when listening to Spotify saying that I am listening on web player (chrome) and do I want to continue or listen on phone and then it changes to a playlist of music that I have never listened to nor heard of. 


Have i I been hacked? I only have Spotify premium installed on one device which is my iPhone 8. It hasn’t always done it but it does it quite regularly. It happens at home connected to the WiFi and when I’m out and about using data which is why it makes me think it’s more of an account issue.


There is a screen shot of the message I’m getting attached.


Is anyone able to help?




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Hello Sarah1990 !

I think you may have been hacked. In order to get this other person off of your account, I suggest going to then clicking the arrow down near "profile" and hitting "account" From there just scroll down and click on "sign out everywhere" Then log in regularly on your devices and it should be fine. If the problem continues to occur, I would suggest creating a new account, but I don't think it will continue. Unless somebody had your password.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me!



Hi, thank you so much for the reply, I will give that a go.

Another stupid question but I usually log into Spotify with my Facebook, does this mean that my Facebook has been hacked? As there is no sign of any hacking on my Facebook account.



Hey @Sarah1990, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


None of the accounts is compromised. just use the Sign Out Everywhere option as suggested by @arielleshriver.

If you feel it you can also perform a password reset.


Hope it helps 🙂 

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