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I have put some local files in one playlist that i even got offline. But for some reason when it changes from one song to another it doesnt play the next song until i press it manually on spotify on my desktop. But on my iphone 5s it plays next song directly but for some reason 2 songs are not synched. Help please to figure this out. Ni som är svenskar så kan ni skriva på svenska.

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Jag är verkligen ledsen min svenska är förmodligen lika bra som din holländska;)


Hi Ticnet, welcome to the Spotify Community!


If Spotify 'skips' your local file when playing on your desktop make sure that Spotify is playing from the correct playlist and shuffle is off. (you can verify this by hitting the 'queue' button which you can find in between the 'lyrics' and 'shuffle' button on the desktop client.)


When on a mobile device, please verify if your song has the green 'availible offline' flag. To make sure offline syncing works check the following:

1. Have an active WiFi connection that doesn't block Spotify

2. Make sure your song is on the playlist and the availible offline slider for that playlist is turned on.

3. Verify that you have enough free space on your device

4. Spotify syncs only with the Spotify app open and the screen active. When your screen goes to sleep, the syncing process will be cancelled or paused.

5. Be aware that syncing a lot of songs will take a lot of time, it is -as far as I know- not possible to determine which songs to sync first.


Let us know if this works!

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It doesnt skip the song. What it does is that when one is ended it changes to next song that also is local file but it doesnt play the next song. I need to play the next one manually.This is the playlist with songs from local files only. I got 4 other local files that i got together with other songs from spotify in another playlist and those work when i got shuffle on but if i let 2 songs from local files play after each other with shuffle turned off it doesnt play next song. and in mobile device 2 songs from the playlist with songs with only local files are not synched for some reason.

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