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behind the lyrics doesn't work

behind the lyrics doesn't work

I using the latest version of the app and ios but my app doesn't display genius. I have tested this with songs that I am 100% sure have the feature so that's not the issue.
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Hi @tylnoztkn


Thanks for getting in touch with our Community. 


Have you tried the following steps? In the meantime, we'd recommend reinstalling the app to see if that helps.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Reinstalling worked in case anyone else is interested.

I have the same problem. I just looked at your link and it didn't help at all. 

Thanks! Ill try that. 

I've the latest version but an old samsung galaxy and only saw the black box in one Rolling Stone song but couldn't find more songs with info. Btw, I wasn't able to read the song info, tapping/ clicking the black box didn't work.

Just tried reinstalling but it didn't fix it for me. Still no Behind the lyric. I tried multiple songs in the Behind The Lyrics: Hip Hop playlist. I'm on android and am a premium user. If anyone knows a fix, let me know!

Thanks for that info @VioletaSpotify


Can you send us your Android and Spotify version? Also, did you get any error messages when trying to get Lyrics to open?


We'll see what we can suggest.

Hi @Tommetje


Keep in mind not all songs have Behind the Lyrics, so it's possible you're choosing songs that don't have their lyrics available. Also, there a chance you won't find the whole song's lyrics, but you'll find more info about the song. 


Have you tried playing different songs in order to see if it works? 

Hi Mara_F ,


I have tried many different songs of many different genres.

Even the one's in the behind the lyrics playlist don't even give me Behind the lyrics.

I'm not getting any information about songs or artist.

There is no black box 'peaking' over the album cover, maybe it is displayed elsewhere but I haven't been able to find it.

@Tommetje, have you tried following these steps to get Behind the Lyrics working? 

Yes, but the box still doesn't appear...

Hi Mara, my pleasure to help 🙂

Android 4.4.2

Spotify armV7


I don't get any error message, the black box just keep sweeping to the album image when I try to tap/click on the lyric info. I can't see any "Read more" link or something similar, the text I see in the black box seems to be incomplete. I'm interested in the "behind the lyrics" text, not that much in the lyrics wich doesn't seems to function as it should neither.


In another forum someone mentioned there's a new update, but I haven't get the notification on my phone or desktop version. 


Hi all!


Thanks for trying the steps so far.


We'd recommend ensuring that you have the latest version of the app by following these steps. It's also worth updating your device's firmware version, too.


As @Mara_F mentioned earlier, it's worth noting that not all releases have Behind the Lyrics; it's possible you're choosing songs that don't have the feature available. There's also a chance you won't find the whole song's lyrics, but you'll get more info about the track. 


There's more info about the feature here.


Let us know how you all get on, and we'll be here to offer extra support!

It's like spotify doesn't give a darn. The thing doesn't work.

Hey I have a Galaxy S8+ and I'm running Spotify version armv7. I am not able to see my behind the lyrics either. I've redownloaded with no changes and I am currently using the same songs as my girlfrienfriend and it is working on her phone we are also on the same family plan for Spotify premium

I'm using spotify on my Galaxy s6 in version and BTL doesn't work. I tried to re-download the app, I turned off and on the switch in settings bud i have no chances.

Non of the options given are working. No lyrics show up and I had to re-download all my songs on playlists.

I have the same problem. iOS 11.0.3, iPhone 7 Plus, premium. Tried reinstalling, didn’t work. I have the most up to date version of Spotify. I would really like to use this feature, but I cant

I tried everything too and I still don't have behind the lyrics I literally just uninstalled and installed the app again 😞

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