bug: queue not showing the last song queued

bug: queue not showing the last song queued






iphone 8

Operating System

iOS 12


My Question or Issue

When I queue soms songs the last song I queued becomes invisible when I look at the queue. If I queue another song after the one that appears invisible, the prevously invisible song becomes visible and the one I queued last doesnt appear.

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Hey @sacrificednati.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this! 


Do you mind trying a quick reinstall of the app for iOS, making sure to follow the relevant steps for your device as listed in this support article?


If that doesn't work, could you let us know the exact version of the app that your device is running? Once we have that, we'll see what else we can suggest 😉

This video displays the bug.
I have an iphone 8 with ios 12.3.1 and reinstalling didnt work.

The bug still exists on ios 12.4.1 spotify version 8.5.22.

Can this be fixed?


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