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cannot login to old iphone

cannot login to old iphone






iPhone 5

Operating System

iOS 10


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i`m currently using a premium account in my main phone, a iphone 8. since it got so busy while i`m working, i tried to use spotify in my old iphone 5. i downloaded the app succesfully, but i could not login.

it gives the error as `invalid username/email adress` even though i am sure that i wrote them correct. logging in without the password haven`t worked either, it doesn`t open. 

why is it happening as this? is it about the outdated system of the phone, or something fixable? i would be glad if you can help.

 look forward to hearing from you.


ps: i can add the photos of errors when i get home if necessary.

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Hey @ercooo10,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.


This type of issue is commonly related to an outdated OS version on your device that doesn't support Spotify anymore. We'd recommend taking a look at this article to check if the OS version of your old device still supports the app.


As an option, you can try with the Web Player from your internet browser (if the browser version supports it). Keep in mind that sometimes, the system requires you to uninstall the app for the Web Player to start playing instead of redirecting to the app. If that's your case, we'd suggest uninstalling the app.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.

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