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delete tracks??

delete tracks??

unable to delete tracks on your iphone.


It would be very useful to delete tracks on your phone.


Could you advice on how you would do that please?

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Hi @jamiejavea - This applies to "Your Music" on the iPhone: You can delete entire playlists in the "Playlists" view  by pressing "Edit", top right, then the red circle to the left of the playlist name; and you can delete tracks from within  the playlists you created (or those that are collaborative that you're follwoing also, but not those created and controlled by others that you're following) in a similar way- select the playlist, then press the "..." at the top right of the playlist, then choose "Edit", and you should then see the red circles to the left of the tracks..  Under "Songs", you can press the "..." to thr right of the song, then select "Remove".  Under "Albums", select the album first to get to into that album's view, then you can click the "..." top right, then "Remove" to delete the entire album, or the "..." next to a song, then "Remove" to delete the song form your "copy" of the album.  Under "Artists", it appeares you can only delete individual songs by the Artist there, by clicking the "..." to the right of the song, then- you guessed it- "Remove".  Hope that helps!

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