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"Unable to play track" and other bugs

"Unable to play track" and other bugs

I have an Iphone 4 with IOS 7 and the latest version of the Spotify app.



1) This has happened several times. I click shuffle play on one of my playlists and I get a message that says unable to play track. Mind you I am using different playlists with well over 100 songs from Spotify's library. 


2) Other times I have noticed when i am switching between playlists using shuffle play a song that is not associated with a certain playlist will play on the wrong playlist.


3) When I play local files, the artwork doesnt come up and the song does not show in the lock screen. It will instead show the previous song I have just played in the lock screen while my local file is actually playing.


4) The app is slow and unresponsive at times.

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Can you try logging out of your account, uninstalling the app and install it back again?

Can you check whether you have min 1GB diskspace on your iPhone and make sure your internet connection is solid.
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These issues usually happen when on I am on the 3g network and not wi-fi. Not sure if that matters. I have 1 gb of memory on my phone and I just re-installed the app so I will see how it goes. Thanks

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