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i have a ipod nano and it wont sync any of my music to it.

i have a ipod nano and it wont sync any of my music to it.

I have a regular ipod nano 5th edition and it doesnt go online. i was under the impresion that i could sync my music from spotify to my ipod. but its saying that i can only sync music from local files. i dont know if that means that i can only put music from my ipod onto my spotify account or if im just missing a step. so if anyone knows the answer that would be great....i do have the premium account so i shouldnt have any problems.

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Spotify can only be used to sync local tracks which you already own to iPod nanos/classics/shuffles and not any content from the Spotify online catalogue. The reason for this is content from the online catalogue is encrypted and requires the Spotify application to play it, and apps are not supported on those iPods. 


I would suggest you have a read at the iPod integration FAQ.



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I am beyond frustrated that I can not sync my iPod Nano!!! I just received the 7th generation for my birthday and was so excited to put all my music on it and somehow Spotify syncs with other iPods, just not the nano. If this doesn't get resolved I will be canceling my account!





iTunes is closed, I'm using the USB cable ( no wifi option) and still nothing is recognized on spotify! I use a MacBook Air that has all the software updates.


If anyone figured it out please let me know, so irritating that I pay for this and I can't use it on my iPod!

You can't "download" or "Available Offline" songs from Spotify for your iPod Nano, unless you're using an iPod Touch (iPod Touch has an App Store to download the Spotify App)
For iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic, Mini - Spotify acts as a music manager and only supports songs which you already have in YOUR COMPUTER ONLY it does not work with songs on the Spotify Catalogue (which is as good as dragging and dropping songs from your computer to your MP3 player) only, similar to iTunes.
More details and discussion here:
More details on the Spotify help article here:!/article/How-...

And also, esp for iPod Nano - Lightning Connector connections will not be recognised as it is a bug, more details here:

Since using the Spotify app for your iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic or Mini is the same as using iTunes. iTunes is much preferred.

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 I was lead to believe that I could sync downloaded music FROM spotify to my iPod nano 5, but it appears that no, you can't. It's like spotify is trying to be another iTunes for music that has nothing to do with Spotify. That sucks. That is what iTunes is for.




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