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iOS 16 Beta / Spotify Connect: Volume keeps lowering

iOS 16 Beta / Spotify Connect: Volume keeps lowering






iPhone 12 Pro

Operating System

iOS 16 Public Beta 3


My Issue

While I understand that this might be caused by the iOS 16 Public Beta, and may be addressed in future app update: every time I connect to Spotify Connect on my Yamaha RX-V477 the Spotify app keeps lowering the volume in smaller increments until it reaches a low level. It keeps lowering the volume even if I raise it to a higher level. If I raise the volume and quit the app the music keeps playing as it should without lowering the volume.


Due to this I have resorted to starting music with the Spotify app, connecting to the receiver, quitting the Spotify app, launching Yamaha’s controller app and controlling the volume there.


Issue not present when using Spotify Connect with a Sonos One SL at workplace.


Anyone else having a similar issue?


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I occasionally have a similar issue with stitcher podcast playing on sonos.

I have exactly the same issue with the iPadOS 16 Beta. Currently I choose to never have the Spotify App open on my iPad if I plan to connect to my Yamaha RX-V477 receiver. Funnily enough the issue isn't persistent on my Yamaha HTR-6066 receiver, but it was previously working on both receivers before the iPadOS 16 Beta upgrade 😞

Since I can control the music various other ways it not really really annoying, it's just really annoying.

Firmware on the Yamaha RX-V477 is 1.28

Anyone has a solution? Other Iphones not having this problems. Only my updates Iphone to IOS 16. Its so frustrating 

No support @Spotify?

Hey folks,

Welcome to the Spotify Community and sorry for the late response as we just came across this thread.

Since the issue you're mentioning happens when casting through other devices, to continue investigating this case, would you mind checking if it happens when listening directly from your iPhone and not using a external speaker?

Also, could you check if this happens when connecting a different Bluetooth such as headphones or other earphones? This will give us a better look at the issue. 

Lastly, include in your next response the model of your iPhone and the Spotify version you're currently running.

We'll be on the lookout.

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Hey, I have the same issues on the same setup. You can fix it by using Airplay to connect to your receiver. 

Hello, I have 2 iPhones here with iOS 16 and an iPad with iPadOS 15 and since few weeks back all have the same problem with volume indicator constantly popping up while playing back to my Onkyo TX-8130 Spotify Connect. All devices have the latest software-firmware. I have restarted router, Onkyo, iPhones etc. The same issue at the second home also TX-8130. 

I am Spotify premium user for some years already, always with the same Onkyo TX-8130s and iOS devices and throughout the years everything was working fine till recently...

Any ideas please?

Seems to me that problem arose when new Spotify app for iOS has been released right after iOS 16. 

But nevertheless now problem is present on iPadOS 15 device and recent Spotify app. 

Thanks. AirPlay isn’t desirable in this scenario as the music is streamed from the device and is interrupted with incomint calls/other sounds from phone’s sound output. This issue pertains to Spotify Connect specifically.

EDIT: Double post. Thanks. AirPlay isn’t the issue though, Spotify Connect is. AirPlay results in interruptipns due to incoming calls and other sounds from my device’s sound output (eg sounds from social media apps)


not exactly the same issue, but i think its close enough and somehow related.

ios 16

yamaha rx-v6a

Using the spotify connect. When i change the volume on the receiver it snaps shortly to different level. E.g. adjusting to -50db on the receiver, switches to -48.5. If i close the app on the phone i can do the normal 0.5db increments.

seems to be spotify/ios16 issue. 

Also snaps to lower levels, probably depending on the distance to the snap point

So no fix for this, incredibly annoying!

Same Problem Here. Volume goes low and the volume icon flash several time. Very strange. Restart iPhone does not help. 

please make an update to fix 

I just got an iPhone 13 and now when I play a a Spotify playlist, it pauses it every 7 minutes or so and when I go in to restart the list, the volume is lowered to nothing. I didn’t have this problem last week on my iPhone 12. Very frustrating as I play a rain playlist at night to sleep and set it for 1 hour, but…

Hi folks, exactly the same here. iPhone 11 with iOS16 and Yamaha HTR-4067. Phone keeps reducing the volume while using Spotify Connect. Extremely annoying issue because this use case makes 90% of my Spotify listening time…**bleep** this is P1 blocker issue for me 😞 Spotify for IOS v8.7.68.568 

Hey everyone,


Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.


Since we weren't able to reproduce it on our end, would it be possible for you to send us a short video showing the behavior so we can forward it to the relevant team for further review?


Looking forward to your replies.


Take care,

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Hi MihailY, sure - here's the video of me increasing the volume and the system automatically decreasing. It shows two scenarios - 1) using on-screen volume control, 2) using iphone buttons. Attached as .m4v archived in .zip. (it didn't allow me to attach the video directly) 


Same thing here. Thank you. Hope this will help. 
regards from frankfurt 

The volume doesn’t lower while I’m listening to it but when Spotify randomly stops/pauses and I hit the play button there is no sound, so I use the volume buttons on my phone and the volume was at 0%.

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