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[iOS + Android] Playlists keep starting from the beginning

[iOS + Android] Playlists keep starting from the beginning

None of the below information is required. Im

However, the more you provide the easier it will be for us to try and help.






iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 16.0.2


My Question or Issue

when I am playing a playlist the queue suddenly keeps starting from the beginning. I don’t have shuffle on and I am on Wi-Fi and casting to my tv using a chromecast. 


127 Replies

  1. Whenever I stop listening to my playlist and come back to it, the next song always goes back to the start of the playlist instead of carrying on from where it was, it won't even let me manually go back to the previous track. 

Plan: Premium
Country: Poland
Device: iPhone 8
Operating System: iOS 15.5

It doesn't matter where in the playlist I am, on the second song or 55th, after finishing it, my playlists goes back to the first song. Sometimes it'll let me listen to a 5 max songs in a row but goes back anyway. It often happens after restarting the app.
It started happening one day ago, i managed to fix it for the 24 hours with doing a clean up, uninstalling app, and loging back in but it started happening again.

This is happening to me as well, whenever I close the app or stop listening for a prolonged period of time. When I return to the app, the song I was listening to finishes, then the playlist restarts. 

Same for me for the last week or so.  I'll be listening to a playlist(not in shuffle mode) & then close the App. The next time I re-open the App, instead of continuing the playlist where I had got to previously, it starts again from the song that I was listening to, but then goes straight back to the beginning of the playlist instead of continuing where it had got to. I'm on Android.  

Edit: I wrote something that is already in the post and idk how to delete a response, ignore this post

This is similar to the issue I'm having, except instead of going back to the first song the playlist just stops playing.

Same here, keep going back to the first song of my playlist everytime I restart the app

Same here, It goes back to the first song of the playlist every time I restart the app. Android App. 

I have the same problem. Every time I open spotify, whatever the song playing, at the end of the song playing, always restart the first song of the playlist.

Yes it happens to me over and over, every time I access my 600-song playlist.  Drives me crazy!  I am using an iPhone 8.  Does not happen when I use Spotify on my Acer PC.

My large playlist keeps restarting itself when I connect to a Bluetooth device. It's been very frustrating, and I'm wondering if there's anything I have to do in my settings to prevent this from happening. Thanks for your assistance!

Hey folks,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome. 

We receive some reports about issues in the playback and queue after closing the app and reopening it. This was under investigation in this Ongoing issue thread, but we have some news from the relevant team that it should be fixed by now.

If you still have this issue, we'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app by following the steps in this article. This is often an overlooked step, but it’s more thorough than a quick one and can be helpful in getting rid of any cache that might be causing trouble. 

In case the issue persists, include in your next response the make, model and OS version of your device, along with the Spotify version you're currently running to continue investigating the case.

Hope this helps. We'll be on the lookout. 

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Hi Eni!


Thanks for the response! I've only observed it happening on one device and on the playlist I frequently listen to, which is a large playlist of over 3,300 songs. I will try the clean reinstall of the app and see if that helps.


Thank you!

Happens to me as well even after unistall and fresh install, version

For the past 2 weeks my playlists have all been randomly restarting. It's an issue on both mobile and desktop. It will only do it after a song ends but it seems totally random when it does it. I messed with settings both for the app and just the basic repeat settings and it hasn't fixed anything.


I've had spotify premium for years but with this and the fact that the built in "liked" playlist has been a broken mess for me for years to the point I had to make a playlist to replace it... Honestly this might end up being the last straw if it isn't fixed soon.

This is happening to me on every playlist. Plays one or two songs than goes back to the first song. 

This is happening to me with all my playlists when I listen streaming to my simps beam on iPhone. 

This is happening for me too - 3-7 songs in, playlists loop back to the start 

Doing this to me too 

iPhone using iOS 16.2 and Spotify 

does it randomly sometimes after a couple of songs but sometimes as many as 8 songs  into the playlist 

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