[iOS] Continue or play on Spotify Siri integration bug

[iOS] Continue or play on Spotify Siri integration bug






iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 13.1.2


My Question or Issue

When asking Siri to "Continue on Spotify" or "Play on Spotify" the same song always plays from the last queued playlist instead of playing the last queued song. It's not even the first song in the playlist, but it is always the same song. It will also start playing at the correct time that the last song stopped at, however it's not the last song that was queued that plays.


If Spotify was the last app that played sound then you can tell Siri to "Continue" or "Play" and it will start playing from where the last song was stopped. However, if a video is watched then the player will default to the Apple Music app after the video is done playing. It would be nice if we could ask Siri to "Continue on Spotify" and have it resume playing from the last played song.

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