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[iOS][Developer] Autoplay feature in Downloads

[iOS][Developer] Autoplay feature in Downloads

Hello I recently joined Spotify Premium this month, but I already have a lot of complaints. The app has a great UI and cool Features but basic features which are in every normal music app aren’t available in a Subscription service. I’ll get straight to the needed feature.

An Autoplay feature is needed for downloaded songs, so that you don’t  have to constantly play the next song manually.

Please do consider the above feature for a su subscription service they should be available thanks 

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Hi @Unendlichkeit,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out! Heads-up: we've moved your post to the Help boards as it fits better here.


When playing your downloaded music, the app should automatically jump to the next track when the current song finishes playing, and as long as there are remaining tracks in the queue. Could share a short screen recording which shows the app's behavior on your end so we can have a closer look?


It's also worth adding your downloaded tracks to a new playlist to see if that does the trick.


Keep us posted on this. Cheers!

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