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[iOS][Localization] Localize Brazilian Portuguese as pt-BR in app project

[iOS][Localization] Localize Brazilian Portuguese as pt-BR in app project

Currently the iOS app is localized only for Brazilian Portuguese and from your feedback it's not going to be localized for European Portuguese any time soon.

Please change the Brazilian Portuguese localization folder in the app project from pt.lproj to pt-BR.lproj.

Since pt-PT is not supported (the folder pt-PT.lproj is not present), the app language will fallback to pt (which is Brazilian Portuguese in this case) rather than the languages the user might have set in the preferred language list in the Preferences.

Using the language-region format is actually a best practice promoted by Apple and other companies that localize their software

This change would allow European Portuguese users to use the app in other languages, for instance English.

I'm pretty sure this would improve the user experience for many Portuguese users!


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We’ll be sure to pass your suggestion onto the right folks here at Spotify.
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