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[iOS]{Mac] Missing songs from playlists

[iOS]{Mac] Missing songs from playlists

Ok So I am getting rather frustrated now.

I have a few rather large playlists with over a !000 songs.
In those playlists I remember adding some of my all time favourite bands and artists to, and then realise after a few months those song have just gone missing altogether and I have to add it again. this has happened to me over this last year.

I have trolled the community forums here and have yet to see anyone else with my issue. [Yes I have checked the preference box to see unplayeable/greyed out tracks etc. I can see those fine and understand why they are unplayable]

I find it counterintuitive to constantly have to double check that a song I added is still there after a few weeks. I mean that defeats the purpose of having a playlists that I can hit shuffle on and just enjoy the music I added to it.
I am at that point if this isn't fixed soon, to cancel my premium subscription and jump ship to an alternative like the new Apple Music service that was recently announced.
I have supported Spotify since its beginning and this is the first I have been frustrated with the service offered.

The problem I am having is found to be on all my devices and ways I access the spotifuggle service. (iPhone, Mac Desktop app, iPad, PS4, browser player)

I rely on Spotify daily, for music while I work, in the car, on the motorcycle and while gyming, I even leave it playing while I sleep. 90% of the mostly on my phone thats my I am using this board

1 Reply

Really ? 

No reply in a week, cheers for your wonderful support Spotify.

Is there no email that I can send or speak with technical support one-on-one?

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