[iOS][Playlists] Too many advertisements


[iOS][Playlists] Too many advertisements

Casual Listener

I get it that this is Spotify free so there is bound to be ads. I was just on my release radar playlist which is one of the only playlists that allow me to toggle between music and have free reign over what and which part of the music I would like to listen to. However I recently found it annoying when I finished a nice song and I want to listen it again and an ad goes on . I thought if I listen to this ad I would have no more ads for about 10 minutes at best.  However after this nice song finishes and I want to play it again by swiping left on my phone screen another ad comes up. And it’s not those legit adverts it’s Spotify’s own ads. Like what good do you get of pissing someone off with your own ads that repeatedly play once a 3 minute song ends. It’s not like you would earn any revenue from it . I really hope you can consider your placement and choice of ads even though this is a free account it doesn’t mean you can spam ads every time a song ends