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[iOS][Podcasts] Podcast playback is horrible

[iOS][Podcasts] Podcast playback is horrible

  • Podcast playback is horrible. I listen to a ton of podcasts, including Joe rogan. Since he joined spotify, it’s the first time I’ve used Spotify to listen to podcasts. The playback is horrible. The video is nice sometimes, but for podcasts, playback should be top propriety. Pausing, stopping and resuming play should be essential. It’s incredibly annoying to have to reopen the app, and possibly close the app, reboot, then dig back into the app to get it to play again. I sincerely hope this is fixed or I sincerely hope no other podcasts I listen to sign with Spotify and I look forward to the day Joe Rogans contract ends. 
1 Reply

I totally agree. This is horrible. 

I feel mad and sad.

I want to see the Joe Rogan Experience and I haven't seen as much because the constant freezing is so infuriating.

Plus the fact that we can't screencast and watch on the TV.

Spotify is totally disappointing in regards to video and ruining a great show.

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