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iOS Spotify still crashes while downloading

iOS Spotify still crashes while downloading

I am trying to download music from my Macbook Air Spotify application to my iPod Touch Spotify application. About every 20 seconds, the iOS Spotify app closes, I have to reopen it, and the downloading starts over from zero.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my iPod. I have plenty of memory on the device. I have not gone over my song usage quota. 

Another issue is that while streaming, Spotify (on the Mac) constantly says I am now offline, even though my wireless is still on every other application I am using shows me as still online.

Whenever I send a problem to Spotify customer service, they give me the same answer. Uninstall and reinstall the app. Check your wireless connection. They really do not offer much in the way of help.

I like Spotify but am ready to cancel my Premium account unless I can get these issues solved. I have told Spotify this, and they just say they are doing the best they can. Their help never offers anything beyond uninstalling/reinstalling the app, checking my usage, etc.

Can anyone help me with at least one of these problems?

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