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iOS app forgets what was playing

iOS app forgets what was playing

1. Open the Spotify app

2. Start playing something.  An album, playlist, anything.

3. Stop playing music for a few hours.

4. Open the Spotify app and the screenwill display your place within whatever song was playing when you last had the app open.

5. A few seconds later the app will switch to some other album that was queued up many many weeks ago and start playing it from the beginning.


My desired behavior is to push Play on an album or playlist and be able to pause playback then resume from the exact same place even if it has been several hours or even days.  Is that even possible?  It's the one feature I want in a music app but they all seem to fail.  Is this an issue with Spotify or with iOS?




Plan: Family


Country: USA



iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 10


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Hey @joshuagarr, welcome to the community!


In this instance, I would recommend that you perform a complete reinstall of Spotify on the offending device. You can find steps to do this here.


Hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for the suggestion.  I followed your instructions but the behavior continues.  Here's what I experienced:


1. Delete spotify app by following instructions provided by MickyDXIII.

2. Re-download spotify app via the app store.

3. Open the app.  I was not asked to authenticate and my was already logged in to my account.

4. Verified that all of my downloaded content was gone, as expected.

5. Downloaded a few playlists and albums.  Let the phone sit while everything downloaded.

6. Was relieved that at no point since re-installing the app did it start auto-playing the same album it was auto-playing before re-installtion.

7.  Got into my car.  Phone connected to bluetooth as usual.  Opened spotify.  It started playing the same album


While working through these steps I remembered that when I first installed spotify it would behave as expected (I could start playing an album in the morning, pause it for a few hours, then continue from the same place in the evening) for a while but then got stuck on a particular album.  I happened to have spotify in offline mode when it got stuck.  I put spotify in online mode and played a different album.  I seem to recall that after switching back to offline spotify got stuck again.  Since that time there does not seem to be any difference between going online/offline.


What else is there for me to try?


Thank you.

Hey @joshuagarr,


Still having trouble with this? We suggest that you go through the steps here. We also suggest that you remove your offline devices from your account page, but this means you have to download all the playlists you might have saved again.


Let us know if that helps or not and we'll take a closer look. 




Yes, I am still experiencing this issue.  It seems limited to times when my phone is connected to bluetooth. 


If spotify is closed and I am not connected to my bluetooth speaker I can open spotify and it will behave normally.


If spotify is opened while, or shortly after I connect to bluetooth, Spotify starts playing a specific track.  The 'specific track' changes from time to time but I cannot figure out what triggers it to start sticking to a different song.

Hey there @joshuagarr,


Thanks for getting back in touch and adding this info.


In this case, could you try reconnecting unpairing and pairing again your two devices?


You can follow these steps to restart their connection:

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth on your speaker.
  2. With the Bluetooth settings on your mobile/tablet/desktop switched on, delete the information of the speaker.
    Tip: The setting to delete is often called Forget.
  3. Turn Bluetooth off and back on for your mobile/tablet/desktop.
  4. Turn the Bluetooth on your speaker back on.
  5. Allow approximately 20 seconds for your mobile/tablet/desktop to detect your speaker. Once it appears, select it to pair. 
  6. Open Spotify and play something. 

 You can also check out this support site article.


Let us know how it goes 🙂


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