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[iOS] iPod Touch no longer appears as Connected


[iOS] iPod Touch no longer appears as Connected






iPod Touch 4g

Operating System

iOS 6.1.6


My Question or Issue:

I've been running Spotify flawlessly in my iPod touch 4g running iOS 6.1.6 until some days ago.

I used to log in from my Android phone to use it as a remote, and it showed the iPod as a Connected Device, selected it and it would control it perfectly.


A couple days ago I noticed this no longer works (the device never shows as Connected on any other platform, including Android, PC and MAC) and I've been trying to find a solution to no avail.


If I play anything on the iPod and then play other song on my Android device the playback stops on the iPod and a pop-up says "Spotify has been paused because your account is being used somewhere else", when previously it would show it as a Connected Device and play whatever I selected on my Android device.


So far I've tried:

-Reinstalling App on iPod (latest version compatible from App Store installs

-Restoring iPod to factory, and reinstalling App

-Enabling DMZ on my router to the iPod to prevent port filtering

-Changing WiFi settings on all devices, restoring router to factory settings

-Connecting all devices on another working network

-Closing all active Spotify sessions, resetting offline statuses and re logging on premium account


Anyone lost this functionality as well?



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Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


To see if your device meets Spotify's system requirements, head here.


If it does and you're still experiencing an issue, make sure to start a new thread in the relevant section of the help boards here.



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Hey @cmaidana,


Thanks for reaching out.


If you're having troubles using Spotify on your device, you'll also need to make sure that particular device meets the minimum system requirements.


Unfortunately, if your device doesn't meet the minimum requirements, it won't be possible to use Spotify and access Spotify content through the Spotify app or troubleshoot it properly.


You can check the current system requirements here.

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I understand what you're saying, but the thing is this old app still works perfectly, and it was working as a Connected Device until some days ago as well.


I'm asking more of "what has changed since then?", did Spotify block old versions of the app from benefitting of the remote capabilities? Is my device blacklisted? I can't figure out why it won't work as before, and can't find anything official stating so

Hey @cmaidana,


The Spotify app is designed to work with a wide variety of iOS devices.  Wide enough to cover the vast majority of devices in use.


If a device falls out of this range due to it being a bit older, there will still be a chance it works. Spotify won't optimize it anymore for this device, however, so there is a chance that something won't work.


You can always try reinstalling the app or try other things that could solve it (e.g. restarting your router).


Thanks! 🙂

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

So do you have an answer or not. I am experiencing exactly the same thing. Completely out of the blue I cannot control my ipod touch 4th Gen any more. From PC or iphone. Its on its own now for no apparent reason. We repeat “all was fine before” so please dont bang on about compatibility issues as “all was fine before”

Could you please explain why this has happened as like I say “all was fine before”

To me happaned the same thing. The iPod 4G was just working fine and I could control it over Android, but two weeks it just stops out od no reason. I restored it to factory settings, reinstalelled spotify and it worked for 2 seconds than it broke the remote control connection. Spotify if You ended this feature for the iPod 4g, please write it here so that we are not wasting time to reinstall/reconnect!

Same thing here. Uses or shall I say used an ipod touch gen. 4 as remote with an ipod touch gen. 6 hooked up on my reciever. When I contacted spotify support they had no clue.

Something is done that prevents us from using spotify connect with ios6.

The first question is what and then why? Is it a security matter?


Hello… Is there any fix for this? I’ve been using my iPod connected to Bose speaker for years and controlling the playlist from my iPhone...So frustrating the Spotify connect is no longer working.  Is it no longer supported on older iPods with version iOS 6.1.6 

I received no real answer from the Spotify customer service, just the typical "it's a compatibility issue" response, completely disregarding the fact that it was working perfectly before.

So, because they are going to blatantly take away functionality without any explanation given, I won't be using their service anymore.


Glad to hear I wasn't the only one experiencing the issue.

Hey you care? As a paying premium member I wonder if Spotify has ANY customer service? Maybe it’s time to try apple?

Frustrating.  Spotify customer service does not exist...maybe time to try apple

Same here, iphone 3GS running on iOS 6.1.6 - used to have Spotify Connect (I am a premium subscriber), suddenly no more. Nothing changed in my setup, just one day the iphone 3GS was no longer visible as a speaker from other Spotify devices (ipads, iphones and PC). I had not upgraded any operating system or the Spotify app on any of the devices, hence my surprise. Had the iphone 3GS attached to the docking station (as a source) of my whole-house entertainment system and used it for playing Spotify music quite a lot, as the metadata showed nicely on my controlpads. Frustrating no one from Spotify cares to address this problem.

Same exact issue and device, very frustrating. Everything works other than the ability to hand over music from one device to another. When trying to play music on another device, the first one will actually stop, which means they do see one another, but the ability to hand over music to or from the 3GS suddenly vanished.


Spotify support sucks!

Ipod Touch 4th Gen user here.

Same thing. It was never a problem until a few weeks back and now suddenly it stops showing as connected device. And there is still no solution?

No solutions! Spotify doesn’t care! No reply at all from them! Terrible customer service!

Spotify stopped supporting iOS versions below 9.X, so I gave up and got an old 4S as the streaming device, instead of the 3GS. It works now.

An Echo Dot, is also a good option, it just doesn't connect with my D/A convertor, so sound quality is not as good, but it's not bad either. It's also super convenient too.

It's just that I have this old ipod touch 4th Gen & speaker dock that I
have been using in my workplace. It was very convenient back then to change
songs/playlist remotely using my phone.

Guess I just have to give it up now.

I have an old Teac D/A convertor, which only supports the old 30pin connection and I don't want to use the lightning convertor. So I just got a used iPhone 4s. It supports newer version of Spotify, which still supports hand over and remote control between different devices. Your other alternative is to use an old Amazon Echo. They are very cheap.

Thanks for the suggestion man. Much appreciated. I think I'll try the 4s

bummer 😞

about a year ago (looking at the comments it looks right) i lost this feature as well. for a few month i thought it will come back, since it did the same with a denon avr a few times as well.


It's a shame really, it was super controlling the ipod touch 4g from other devices while it is connected to a ipod stand+speaker combo. The system is just too slow now to jump around in playlists 😞

There is something in the air... must be sound waves.

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