iPad app keeps crashing!

iPad app keeps crashing!


Hi, does anyone has the same problem? I have an iPad 1 and just installed the new spotify app. After login with my facebook account it keeps loading and than it crashes. all the time. I restarted my iPad, I reinstalled the app, but nothing works. On my iPhone 4 I have no problems with the new app. any help?


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Have you tried logging in with your spotify account details and not FaceBook? Someone on another thread mentioned that they were having problems when using FaceBook log in. Worth a shot and apologies for wasting your time if you have already tried this.


Hey barbanboodar- I've just taken a look at your account and I can see you've got over 700 playlists.


If you're trying to sync hundreds of playlists at once this could be the problem. Please try just selecting a few playlists for offline use and then trying to launch the app again.


Let us know how that works for you--thanks!


Hi meredith,

do you mean by "try just selecting a few playlists for offline" I should delete my playlist on the desktop app? because on my iPhone I don't have any problems with the new app, and it does sync all my playlists. Just want to make sure, that I don't delete my playlists if I don't have to? and most of my playlist (90%) are for online use only...



Hi barbanboodar-  So I've done some more digging and it seems you've got two accounts on our system. 


One is your 'baranboodar' account while the other is linked to your Facebook. The Facebook account has over 1,400 playlists which could also be the issue here. 


What I recommend is signing in with your 'barbanboodar' username and Spotify password (don't use your email address). As far as the playlists go, you definitely don't need to delete those playlists off your desktop. Simply make sure only a few are selected for offline use in your 'barbanboodar' account.


Keep an eye on your inbox as well. I've just sent you a message about sorting out that duplicate account. 

hi meredtih,
I want to use my account that is linked to my Facebook account! this is the one which I'm paying the premium account as well.
please delete the other one.


Holy crap.  1,400 playlists, dude?  That's dedication.


unfortunately it's still not working 😞

I don't have the problem with my iPhone though I have these many playlist (which are all "not offline modus" btw). So I don't want to delete all my playlists just to use my iPad app, though as said, on the iPhone I don't have this problem.

Everytime I have to log in into the iPad app, it connects to facebook and than it opens and the main spotify screen appears, but it keeps loading and loading and loading and than crashes.

please help!



I have the same problem after sorting out all my playlists. Have tried re-installing.


After much pain I got the phone working but no joy on the iPad front yet.


I was planning on moving over from iTunes completely but this seems unlikely now.


I kind of solved it now for me. I had a lot of playlists BUT also a lot of playlist folders. And actually after deleting those folders (NOT THE PLAYLISTS!!!) it worked for me. I think it's really more of a problem of how many playlist folders you have than actually playlists. because I still have over 500 playlists but only 10 folders now (genre like rock, hip hop, pop etc.) 

maybe this helps you. the spotify support isn't that great. their suggestions were like "try to reinstall the app etc." etc. As if I haven't tried that before contacting them 🙂

Kind of a bummer especially if you pay like 9,99 euros per month...


I have the same Problem .. if I use a ipad2 i have no Problems .. but withe the Ipad1 (i bought one only for using spotify) the APP crashing sometimes after 5 ore 6 songs .. also the radio crash .. better is, if I close the pad1 (black screen) but I will see what spotify play. (Sorry my English) I´m German. So any help for using IPADs1 ??????????


I have an Ipad 1, pretty much online use it for Spotify and Netflix, since this last software update it crashes constantly. Sometimes after 1 song, sometimes it will go for awhile. Everything is up to date on the ipad. I don't get it, makes the app almost unusable.  Any idea what's going on? 


I too have an iPad 1 and I notice the Spotify app keeps crashing. It'll play for a while, in the range from 10 minutes to an hour and then it crashes. I've tried rebooting, etc., no luck. I have some playlists in folders but not an inordinate number of folders. The desktop app rarely crashes, but the ipad app crashes very frequently.


en el ipod falla de maravilla

0.5.3. Tried reinstalling. Still won't work. Plays exactly 39 seconds of music then stops and wont do anything till you force close and re open. At which point it only plays 39 seconds again. It has become unusable on my iPad.


Hi Mitchgo - I've just moved your post over to this more relevant thread. 


We are currently looking into this for all of you. For the time being, reporting all issues with 0.5.3 right here would be a great help. 


I'll be sure to post right here as soon as there's an update.


Just want you  to know that I  am still having this problem, even after the recent update to the app. now, however, i get 2:10 or so before a song stops playing (though my ipad play icon is on). Spotify will not let me start another song or do anything. again, force closing allows me to play one song for 2:10 and then it stops outputting music or doing anything. Still useless on my ipad 3.


Same problem here. The app basically is useless now. Going to cancel my subscription from next month as I have had this problem for a couple of weeks now.

I have the same problem and my account is new, i have no playlist. It just stay in logging with fb and it crashes....

Ok, i tried to enter with my spotify details... It goes to this window and stay there trying to loggin. To fb....

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