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iPad memory usage growing and growing...

iPad memory usage growing and growing...

Hey I noticed a strange thing/problem: all of a sudden Spotify takes over 500mb of I uninstall the app and reinstall. Ok, memory usage is now 84mb...fine...I play portions from three songs over 3G and bam, the memory usage of Spotify is well over 90mb (I have nothing synced) ! This can't be right! Just playing the songs shouldn't do that...

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Just searching the community to ask a similar question. Mine is now 2.8gb! Is do have "extreme"applied but have been managing my play lists and now have fewer than i had when it was taking up 2.3gb.......


Does anyone know how this works please?

Every song you listen to, along with all offline playlists, are stored on your device in cache files. There is no way to clear this cache other than to completely uninstall the app and reinstall. This can obviously be very time consuming ifyou have a lot of offline playlists. 

Spotify has always worked this way, there have been lots ofrequests to change it but it's never been acknowledged by Spotify.

There is a huge thread about this here.  Unfortunately, there is not much in the way of official responses from Spotify about it.

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