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iPad playlists/songs randomly unsync/ don't display correctly

iPad playlists/songs randomly unsync/ don't display correctly

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but it's been going on for at least a couple months now. I've noticed that my offline playlists will randomly unsync a few songs leading me to have to re-sync them.


I've also been running into issues where upon opening the app, my playlists don't seem to match up with the songs in the right pane, so I constantly have to reset the app. Don't mean to get nitpicky, but I am indeed paying for premium (which I love!) and it's been happening enough to lead me here. Thanks for any assistance!


Edit: have most recent version of app, and not getting any messages about the number of devices I'm using

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Bump. Any assistance appreciated!

Bump. This has SERIOUSLY been pissing me off, because I'm stationed at an Air Force base where I don't have access to unlimited wired Internet. It's a HUGE drain on my data to have to REsync songs that I should already have, when I could be getting new ones. I'm also paying for premium, so I feel we have the right to be "nitpicky"

Are you connecting the Spotify app to the internet at least once every 30 days? Spotify are required to verify your subscription once a month to make sure you still have a license to store the offline content.

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