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iPhone 4 app crashing on FB log-in

iPhone 4 app crashing on FB log-in

Trying to start the app up on my phone, I choose log-in via Facebook.  Facebook app starts up and then crashes


This occured today both before and after I upgraded to 5.1.1.


Any help is appreciated!

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also having similar problems. load up spotify app, click login with facebook, click login again on that page and nothing happens. have deleted the app several times, restarted the phone, re installed the app etc etc etc. still the same


Are you guys usually logged in on your Facebook application? This should be all you need in order to get logged into Spotify. If so, you might want to try logging out and then back into the Facebook application. This might get things working.
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Yeah I am logged into facebook. Have tried logging in and out, re-starting the iphone but it still doesnt work 😞

I'm having the same problem. I click on Login via facebook. nothing happens. I just got spotify premium today. anybody?

Have any of you tried to login on the app using your email and password, worked for me!




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