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iPhone 4 in Skoda with MDI

iPhone 4 in Skoda with MDI

Hi, this might apply also to Volkswagen and Audi drivers.

I recently received my new car with a radio navigation unit called Columbus. The iPhone is connected to this unit with a cable in the so called MDI interface. This interface should make it possible to:

- Control the music (play, pause, skip) through the playlist

- Display track information on the display.


When I start the track information is displayed. However it is not possible to control the music. And if you press next or previous you here a beep but then the music continues from where it was. Sometimes it happens that the display with the track info is not updated and sometimes the time scale is not updated correctly.


Is there a possibility that Spotify will address this in a new update or is entirely up to Skoda. In the last case it would be nice if Spotify is to give instructions to Skoda on what to do.

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I have a Golf GTi with ipod touch connected trough MDI. I found that you can skip tracks by pressing the Scan button on the head unit. Normally this plays the first 10 secs of a track then skips to the next one. But if you press it once then press it again once the track changes, it will continue to play. The track data on the screen doesn't match though.


Has anyone found a way to fix this yet?


It would be great to be able to use the track skip buttons on the wheel instead.



Is there any fix for this using ios6 version of spotify?

Looking for solution as well. It'd be nice if Spotify team could investigate the problem, maybe it's just an easy fix.

I also have the problem in my Golf with an iPhone 5. With the control on the wheel, i can just go back in my playlist and not go forward.

Having the same problem with a Audi Q5 with Audi Music Interface.


I can connect the iPone 4/5 or iPod with Bluetooth  and control everything from the iPhone/iPod screen. But no information shows in the car display. And no control from the steering wheel.


If I connect the same device to the AMI Cable I can select the device in AMI, then start Spotify on the phone screen (unfortunately quite useless as it is in the glove compartment) and select next or provisos song in the playlist from the steering wheel. But not rack info in the display.


I guess this is the same problem for external sound equipment with dock possibilities (like the Bose Lifestyle systems with iPod docking possibilities) . Would be nice to be able to control from Spotify from the equipment remote.


My dream is if Spotify could get a connection either to let the playlists to be controlled from iPod music player or some other integration to external remotes. Would be nice to have a iPod Touch in the glowe compartment that sync playlists every time you start your car and are within range of your wlanJ


Unfortunately how it is today are not integrated good enough to switch to Spotify alone. Still need to sync music from itunes playlists


Please Spotify get this working:)

Hello, I also have an Audi Q5 with MMI 3G+. Did you find any solution to comfortably use Spotify in your car? And to get track info in the MMI screen?


Thanks a lot!

I too am having the same problem with a 2013 Skoda Fabia VRS. Is it possible that this is not just a software issue?


If anyone has a fix let us know ha ha!

Maybe the problem is in the car, not in the app? If that is the case, it is worse for us, because car companies are much harder to push in terms of development than Spotify, which bases 100% of their business in the customer satisfaction with their app universe...


Let us hope Spotify dev team can do something about it... And they want to assign resources to it...


I volunteer to test betas in my Q5 ๐Ÿ˜„

Just an update on this topic, I upgraded an iPhone 4S to iOS7 and now the wheel and RDS screen buttons work for skipping track on Spotify! The track info doesn't update perfectly, sometimes it just says Spotify, but better than not being able to skip!


Golf GTi MkVI



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