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iPhone 5 not recognized in devices

iPhone 5 not recognized in devices

I have an iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 and using a Macbook Air. I am a premium user.

I have read all the support threads and none of the fixes seem to be working for me.

I am connected on the same wifi, but the iphone will not show up under the devices tab on the application on my computer. Thus, any local files I try to sync offline aren't working. Any songs that are available on spotify that I sync offline works fine, although the sync does take an extremely long time. But I'm mostly frustrated with not being able to sync local files.

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Try making sure both Spotify clients are in the foreground and not in offline mode.

Also, if you have a firewall or AV software, try disabling them, as they often block the 2 from connecting.

Is there an equivalent of running as administrator on a Mac (sorry I'm a windows user, so I don't know how the new OSX works)? If so, probably best to try running Spotify on your macbook as an administrator/superuser or whatever they call it.

Have you tried reinstalling Spotify on both devices?


Anthony 🙂

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Hi, thank you for your response!

I have tried reinstalling Spotify on both devices and it didn't solve the issue. I have also tried switching from online to offline mode and back to no avail.

I am actually a new mac user as well so I am not sure if there is an administrator equivalent on OS X but I will look into it

So it seems to be a problem with my wifi connection, because the device is showing up when I am connected to the wifi at a different house. Thank you

Hiya. Take a look at this post which will hopefully help you sort out your connection issues 🙂

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