iPhone App Crash / Bug report


iPhone App Crash / Bug report


Hi there,


hope the Spotify Dev team reads this, I just found a bug in the app:


  • Opened spotify in Austria (not my home country) with Roaming/no Internet connection (but not airplane mode). 
  • Started playing a playlist (Starred) that was made available offline
  • Got back into Germany, Wireless network changed to German (with Internet)
  • Spotify immediately crashed
  • Trying to re-open spotify also crashed the app, tried multiple times
  • Solution: switched on airplane mode, opened the app and then switched airplane mode off


There seems to be some issue with checking the online/network connectivity.


Current iOS 7.0.6, current iOS Spotify App, iPhone 5S.


Best regards,



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Re: iPhone App Crash / Bug report

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Re: iPhone App Crash / Bug report


The app won't let me open it at all. I'm using iOS 8.3 on 5s. It opens with the spotify logo per usual and then just shuts down.

Re: iPhone App Crash / Bug report

Have the same problem. After clicking on the app I get a black screen with apple logo. After Agee seconds I get back to logon screen. Also IOS 8.3 on iPhone 6

Re: iPhone App Crash / Bug report

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Hey @IOStine,


Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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