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iPhone App Crashes Accessing "Your Music"

iPhone App Crashes Accessing "Your Music"


When I open the Spotify app on my iPhone, I view the menu and select "Your Music" and Spotify crashes (as near as I can tell), and I have to select it again from the home screen.  Even after clearing Safari cache/cookies, uninstalling, restarting, and reinstalling, the same thing occurs.  I cannot access "Your Music".  I've been able to work around this by searching for my playlists and accessing them from the search.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Select Spotify from the Home screen

2. Select the Menu

3. Select the "Your Music" option

4. Spotify crashes (blinks and returns me to the Home screen)


What I expected to happen

I expect it to take me to my list of playlists.


What actually happened

It "crashes".


My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 5s


Device’s Operating System

iOS 7.1 (11D167)


Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?

4, but only 2 are available offline.


My mobile Spotify version


My provider and country

T-Mobile, U.S.


My username


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