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New IOs Changes - Not a fan

New IOs Changes - Not a fan

Hi Spotify,


I recently upgraded my iOs Spotify app and I have to say I'm not a fan of the new menu choices.  Before the update, with one tap of a finger I could select more from that artist, listen to the album, hit random, and (my favorite) Star a song.  WIth the current design it requires me to navigate pull down menus AND it takes at least three clicks to add a song to my starred playlist.  The old design was far better and easier to use especially when driving in a car.  It's dangerous enough try to be fooling around with any app, but at least the old way was easier to quickly mark a song with a star and move on.  


Please address this issue in your next update.  The scrolling menus are too cumbersome to use, especially when driving and should be changed.




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