iPhone App Crashing on iOS8

iPhone App Crashing on iOS8

Ever since I've upgraded my iphone to iOS 8 the app keeps crashing everytime I try to sync my offline playlists. The app works fine if I turn off all my offline playlists, however as soon I turn on one the app crashes over and over again.


I've already restarted the phone multiple times, reinstalled the app multiple times and also tried to trick going around of changing the region on my phone to the UK and then back to the US but none of these solutions have helped! Please help - I live in New York city and listen to my spotify offline synced playlists while on the subway


Phone: iPhone 5

iOS: 8.0.2

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We receive lots of reports from users where Spotify crashes at iOS 8.

Spotify is currently investigating this issue, and I think it will be fixed soon. 

I can't open spotify after upgraded to ios 8.0.2

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As I mentioned in my original post I already tried the changing region method but it did not help me with my issue. Any other possible solutions other than waiting for an app update?

My spotify ios app has been crashing at startup for almost 2 weeks (iphone 5s). I have tried all aforementioned tricks except reinstalling the app, since I do not want to have to synchronize my local tracks again.


I really am expecting an app update to fix this problem!  I have been browsing this forum and reading the threads related to this issue. the absence of any official spotify response is starting to irritate me at this point.


Transparent communication with your paying customers would really go a long way. 

No response from Spotify? Could we please get an idea of when this issue is going to be fixed? I don't really see the point of having a premium subscription if I can't sync offline playlists...

Same problem here. Spotify crashes when sync an offline playlist. Some times the iPhone crash and reboot. I've restoring the iPhone to original factory state...then install spotify...and nothing...all still the same...hope for a really fix once for all...

Just an FYI - The update that went out this morning did not resolve the issue. Syncing offline playlists still causes the app to start crashing over and over again.

My Spotify App will not start up, it keeps crashing on start up.
I don't know what to do?

fixed soon? that was October, this is almost August!!!!! and the problem is still happening!


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