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iPhone - Spotify Car Integration (BMW 318d iDrive)

iPhone - Spotify Car Integration (BMW 318d iDrive)

I'm a addicted premium spotify user, I'm using the iPhone spotify app in my car but I can't scroll with the steer- scrollwheel in my playlists.


I allready tried the following:

- Bluetooth connection between iPhone & car -> Works fine, but no scrollwheel, no album art

- BMW Snap-in -> No track info, no next-previous


I allready jailbreaked my iPhone and installed Music Controls Pro, but this doesn't support the current version of Spotify 😞


Any tips to get this working?  




6 Replies

Hm, you're farther than me. I've got a 3 series iDrive with "iPod Integration" as well. If I start playing a track in Spotify on my iPhone, it will continue through that playlist. But if I even try to use any of the navigation controls (next/previous etc.) it actually fades out Spotify and switches to the "next" track in iTunes.


What model year do you have? Mine's 2009... I just had the whole iDrive computer system upgraded to the latest version last week. I also contacted the Music Controls Pro author to find out if there's an expected update to support Spotify v0.5.4.

Im looking at buying a used CPO 2009 bmw, wanted to see if buying the navigation system would be worth it and play my tracks thru spotify, im interested in hearing if you guys fixed the issue. if not, i will skip the navi system in my car all together.

I figured it out yesterday - you have to have shuffle mode enabled on iDrive. In that case, when you switch tracks from your steering wheel, it won't go to iPod music, it will just actually switch tracks in Spotify. 

You Sir are a genuis!!


I have been looking everywhere for an answer and this is the first time anywhere on the web I have found one. I tried the random checkbox on my 5 Series iDrive and now I can control Spotify from the system. It isnt random but steps thru the tracks as I want.


Take a bow fella!



I have 330 (year 2007) with ipod integration but I can control only itunes playlist from car, how can I control playlist in spotify by car ?? 


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