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iPhone X not synching local files

iPhone X not synching local files

Good evening all


I've just got my iPhone X and have downloaded all my playlists but when I try to connect to the desktop app on my Macbook it doesnt recognise the phone and any local files I had are no longer on the phone and they will not synch. 


I have tried wi fi and connect via USB, restarting both phone and macbook but nothing. The desktop app just refuses to recgnise the iPhone X.


Any ideas?

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i am having the same problem except mine shows that they are downloaded on my phone and has the green mark next to them, but they won't play. It just skips to the next song.


The only fix I have found was to delete the song on every single playlist its on and then readd it to spotify and resync the playlist.  I am obviously not doing this considering i have 50+ playlists and some with thousands of songs. 



I think I figured it out! If you remove the playlists/spotify from your phone and redownload it should reset and download correctly.


thanks for the suggestion. 

Sadly not working for me. 

In fact this feature has hardly ever worked or trying to get it to work is such hard work

i just can’t be bothered. 


Im seriously thinking of giving up with Spotify and jumping to Apple Music. 

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