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iPhone app wont detect network

iPhone app wont detect network


I'm a Spotify free user. I have the newest update to my phone (iOS 9.1) and I have the latest update for Spotify. My problem is that when I start the app it says "connecting.." And then "no connection".

This bothers me because I have a working wifi in my house. Also Spotify works perfectly on my computer. Most importantly, Spotify only fail to detect the network when I'm connected to the wifi. As soon as I connect to 3G/4G it works well. Very few times if I struggle a bit it works somehow on my internet, and today it worked right away on my friends internet. I'm wondering how to fix this.

Here's what I've done in correct order:

-Restarted my phone completely (by holding home and lock)
-Uninstalled and installed Spotify
-log in and out of Spotify several times.

Thank you really much for answers 🙂
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