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iPhone pauses during playback

iPhone pauses during playback

I have had a continual problem with the iPhone pause during playback. I have turned off gapless Playback, I also made sure the quality was at the recommended setting, not high-quality. I have tried booting the iPhone, and reinstalling the app.
I have a very high-speed connection, and I have noticed that the problem does not occur on my Sonos system
The pause also takes place in the very beginning of the song, normally about 10 seconds in, and then there's a 30 sec to 2 minute delay before it kicks it again. Then four or five songs will play fine before the problem occurs again
Any help appreciated.
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How much free space do you have on your iPhone? I've noticed mine gets a bit jumpy when it is close to being full for whatever reason.

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If your storage is almost full, this is the cause of the problem.
When you press the play button, the spotify app downloads the song you're listening too and stores the songs that will be played next on your local storage, so it can skip tracks instantly and be easier on the servers.

When your storage is full, the app can't preload the tracks, so it takes longer to start playing the next tracks, because it needs to start downloading the track, wait for at least x seconds to finish downloading and then start playing.

I had 450mb free, and I deleted another 500+mb, bringing total free space to 1 GB
Same problem. I would think that should be plenty to buffer quite a few songs
Is there a min recommended amount? I assume maybe it depends on playlist, so is it per song?

Commonly attributed to a buffering issue? You checked your firewall?

How about restarting your connection and the app.
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