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iPhone speakers are constantly on

iPhone speakers are constantly on

I have a problem that i can hear the speaker constantly. This is propably the reason why my battery life is poor. I think this has to do with spotify. Are other users experiencing this problem also? I tried closing all apps but that does not help. It seems to happen when i have started spotify. 

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It seems unlikely but anything is possible. What iphone/version of spotify are you using and when you say "speakers" are you talking about external speakers? What can you hear?

I have the newest ios and spotify version. I ment the speakers of the iphone. Not the 3,5 jack plug. Its the same speaker as for your ringtone and stuff

and what makes you think they're on, what can you hear?

I hear that the speakers are on. I can compare it when you have your sound system on and you dont play any song. Its like small static noise

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