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iPhone wants me to login every time I exit Spotify

iPhone wants me to login every time I exit Spotify

Wht is the problem now? Why is it everytime a new version of this app is released to fix one issue, another comes along? This is getting beyond a joke. Every single time I close Spotify and reopen it, it wants me to sign in. This is fine when I'm in the city, but I occasionally visit the Highlands of Scotland where there is NO phone signal meaning I can't log in.
Please fix this. Now.
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The samething happens to me. Have to login via FB every time I open spotify - its getting so annoying.

Yep, I've tried logging in with Facebook and my Spotify user details, it dosent matter which I use the app forgets what's happening and wants me to log in next time I open it. I notice support are being helpful as usual. Last time there was a major issue with Spotify I ended up phoning their head office twice a day until someone dealt with me. I really hope I don't have to go down that road again, as if I do, they (Spotify) are going to lose a premium subscriber who has been with them for over a year and a half. Their support really is tragic.

Same issue here -- I have to log in constantly, which completely sucks.  

SUPPORT??????? I have the new version of Spotify and this is still happening! Is anyone there alive?

After the new update, it actually worked for me. Havent been signing in for the last 5 days now 🙂

i'm having this issue now with the new iOS update...has there been a fix yet?



It is still happening ocassionally, more often than not, when I've no 3G or Wifi! I've resigned myself to the fact it'll never be fixed, as Spotify support is quite honestly the worst I've ever had the misfortune of trying to use.

Hey guys 🙂


Have you tried setting a device password and then logging in with a Spotify username and password instead. This should prevent you from having to log in all the time.



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I've been using Spotify on my phone since before you could log in with Facebook, no matter which way you login, same issue.
Only reason I log in with Facebook now is because I only need to press one button when it decides not to play anymore.

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