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iPhone4 crashing on open

iPhone4 crashing on open

I have an iPhone4 running 7.1.2 and Spotify suddenly started crashing when I open it. I've tried a reinstall. Didn't work. I've tried doing the switch language thing. Didn't work. Can't change settings in app, b/c it won't even open. But it does work on office network.


That suggests problem with home router, right? But all of the other devices at home work fine and they are all running on same router. However, I'm the only one with an older phone. 


So does this have to do with upgrade to iOS 8 as someone suggested in the forums, or is this something else?


Bottom line: do I need to upgrade my phone?


(I don't wanna, b/c my Bluetooth speaker is older, too, and doesn't interface with 5+, but will if I have to)





4 Replies

Hello @mattroberts1082 & welcome to the Community!

Perhaps a full clean reinstallation fixes the issue.


To perform one, just follow these steps: 

  1. On the home screen, tap and hold the Spotify icon until it shakes.
  2. Tap the X symbol on the icon.
  3. Hold the Home and Power buttons down together until the Apple logo appears.
  4. Open the App Store then search for and install the Spotify app.

Hope this helps! ♫

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No, that didn't work. As my post mentioned, I've tried the clean reinstall. Several times in fact. Still not helping.


In fact, now its not working at the office either.

Now it is working at the office again. This is getting very, very frustrating.

Thanks to moderator Adam_B for coming up with the solution:

"Is anyone else that's experiencing this issue using Bluetooth? If so, can you try disabling it then see if the app still crashes?


If it is still happening, please let us know:

  • Whether this is over WiFi or 3G/4G.
  • The version of the Spotify app you're running.
  • How much free space is on your iOS device.
  • Whether you have any cache-clearing apps"

Shutting down bluetooth speaker and clearing some cache then reconnecting to speaker AFTER I had app playing seems to have done the trick. Simply not enough space available on phone to support running the app I suppose. Thanks, Adam_B!


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