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iPod Shuffle: Windows Client crashes

iPod Shuffle: Windows Client crashes



I am using the latest iPod Shuffle with Spotify Premium. The Windows client wants to sync all of my local files to the iPod but I don't want that. He already started syncing them and there's no possibility to stop the process.


I only want to sync some playlists. So when I switch the radio button from "sync all" to "manually select which playlists to sync" the client just crashes. I can reproduce this again and again. The window just disappears and after that also the tray icon when I hover over it with the cursor.


Any hints on how to solve this? This means: 1. stop the syncing of all my files and 2. let me change the behaviour th manual selection w/o crash of the Windows application.


Thanks! 🙂

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I had this on my system the first time I tried to sync my iPod. The only thing I found to do was leave it until the iPod is full then the sync will stop. Once that is done, you can swap to manual and choose the content you want.

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