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Its unfortunate, looking a the quality figures, which determine your data usage (roughly).


Pandora on mobile streams in 64kbps AAC+ format so:

- 6 hours listening ~ 168.75MB

So if you where listening at work say 5 days a week that would be for 4 weeks (there might be a few extra days depending on billing cycle and the month etc) is ~ 3.3GB which you would probably get away with on your data plan, since I am sure the application caches tracks to save bandwith and maybe you don't listen 6 hours straight everday. 


On comparison, Spotify streams at minium 96kbps ogg format so:

- 6 hours listening ~ 253.125MB

So based on the same listening time, it would use 4.94GB of data for the month, which is pushing it well outside of your data range. 


I think the issue would be, since Spotify uses ogg format, if you went any lower than 96kbps the sound quality would be pretty horrid, I even think 96kbps is a little bit low! Not sure what the quality is like on Pandora, since its not available here in the UK.



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Re: iphone mobile app background 3G data usage

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That makes a lot off sense... as I odn't always get to listen to music at work, so the 6 hours 5 days a week is worst case senario.  I usually hover around 1.9-2.2GB of total usage each month according to my bills.... the surprise of nailing 3GB in such a short amount of time is what surprised me.  I do work in a location that is crappy enough to not have wifi :lol:


As for quality... we aren't talking big sound systems or any of the such.  Just a basic pair of desk top speakers to enjoy a bit of music on while working.  It would be nice to be able to turn the quality further down for those times that it just doesn't pay to have high quality sound (like crappy desk speakers). 


I would be very interested as to the data drain of both apps while not playing music.... that may explain even better as to why I went through the data since there are some days I don't shut everything down after work and it may stay in the background overnight....


At any rate, my problem has been explained ( and explained well).  I am still a spotify lover.... just a little sad on the mobile app.