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NEXT STEP scrobbling not working on iOS spotify ( I have tried everything!) scrobbling not working on iOS spotify ( I have tried everything!)

Scrobbles work on spotify on my computer, but not on my phone. I am using an iPhone 6s. Spotify is updated. I am a Spotify Premium user. I have tried the following steps already:

-force restarted spotify app multiple times
-restarted phone multiple times
-disconnected and reconnected my spotify account to my account multiple times. I tried the disconnection step both from the spotify settings and from the settings.

-logged out and back into spotify multiple times
-reinstalled spotify app on phone

The problem has been ongoing since yesterday. But at least yesterday the scrobbles from my phone would come through intermittently every couple of hours. But starting yesterday evening, nothing from my iphone spotify app scrobbled, and it's still not working. It only works on my computer.

As I said, I have taken every measure I could try based on reading help articles about this issue. Please don't send me a link that asks me to do the same things I have already done. Is there anything else that could be wrong?  Thank you in advance.

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Hi @seagullady and thanks for posting! 🙂
I also use Last.FM and starting yesterday there were some major scrobbling issues on their end - although it does seem corrected for me now.
There is a thread here on their Community support with some recent responses that you may find helpful to report if you are still seeing this happening. I often check their site for user feedback and outages if this sort of thing happens. 
Hope this helped and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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