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making all artists available offline

making all artists available offline

Just got my spotify premium subscription. On the iOS app (iphone 5s) is there a way to make all artists available offline all at once or do i have to go through and click each individually? i have already made all songs available offline, but don't want to scroll through all of them when i'm listening to music. And also sometimes i like to shuffle a certain artist.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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What i know you must click on each artist and make them available offline. But add it as an idea over at the idea board if you like 🙂

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I'm probably confused but if all songs are available offline, then you can use the artist tab as usual and play music from it, knowing that it will play from the cache. No?

This might be a bit more than what you want, but what you can do is in your iOS app, go to your Songs tab in Your Music and mark the Available Offline option. This will save all your songs for offline access, and in turn save all your artists and then some.

That's what I originally thought, was that by selecting all songs to be available offline it would in turn make the artists that way too, but when I go to artists, the option to turn them to "available offline" mode is not checked. I just don't want it to use up all the data on my phone because it is playing from data. Is there any way to tell if it's using data or actually using the offline mode?

Put the phone in flight mode. If it plays, you're fine.

thanks for all the help everyone! now another question for the offline option, how do i make it so i dont have to restart a playlist after my phone has not been on spotify for awhile? i often use this in my car, but when i go into the store and then come back out, it doesn't resume from where i paused it, it makes me restart the shuffle. is there any way around this?

Do you quit out of the app when you enter the store? I've never experienced this issue before. If I pause a song and wait a while, when I turn on my phone again and play it resumes from where I left it. Then again I've never paused a song and waited an extremely long period of time.

no I don't quit the app, that's why I'm confused. Every time I unplug the phone, when I open the app again the three little dots that signal loading pop up and then it just goes back to the song page and cancels whatever I was playing.

This is really strange to me, how long are you waiting between the time you last played a song play from Spotify again? I took a ~20 minute break recently and my app picked up right where I left off

I have figured it out now, I think. However, it will stop when I'm actually in the app, but then when I lock my phone and the music appears on the lock screen the time meter keeps going, yet nothing is playing. Just cosmetic as I don't think this will hurt anything, but I find it odd how it keeps going on the lock screen but not in the actual app

iOS has a garbage system whereby it kills apps that are not in use (to free up memory for other apps, thats why it runs so smooth).. You either play a song and let the app run or double click home and remove all of the other apps that are not in use.
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