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new update is terrible!


new update is terrible!

hi so i guess spotify updated itself....

so the app now freezes crashes and i cant use it as easily as the previous versions.

i dont know if yall realized its a music app... why udpate the screen to be harder to use and more flashy looking?? anyways please assist or should i go into appstore and get the older version?


songs that were saved to my phone now are not, the screen is much much more difficult to use,, qeue? seriously? 

i want the old version back before that terrible auto update happened.


it seems like every couple months you guys do something wierd and i have to make a forum post.

i love having to redo my whole spotify and download my playlists again.


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Ok here's the fix I downloaded spotify 4, it's like the good one before this crappy update.

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The new upgrade is super messed up - should never have been done - My library is MIA & when I search artist nothing happens. ALL i have left is my old playlists. W T F ? Why did Spotify "upgrade" to a disfunctional mess? Thanks for checking it out throughly, guys. I now can see that you made sure your upgrade would not cause any problems. I will think twice about doing the next upgrade - if there is one because I am already thinking of dropping it. You cant even get a message to them - NOT COOL!

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Ok here's the fix I downloaded spotify 4, it's like the good one before this crappy update.

The new update is no better then the previous version. You cant even share individual tracks anymore - it has to be the full playlist. 😞

DO NOT accept the upgrade - whoever designed it is a clown! Spotify right now is not even half of what it was - I just might drop it ...

What do you mean, when you write you downloaded Spotify 4???

AppStore> spotify. 4- download and your set

Agreed. This latest update is absolutely hideous. Choc full of completely useless extras that are completely pointless and the layout looks horrid. I'm going to try and do the spotify 4 thing and see if that gets me the original player back but if that doesn't work I'm cancelling and deleting. The best time I had with spotify in the 4yrs I've been paying for premium was when I was travelling for a year and the updates couldn't reach me internationally for some reason (until I switched time zones twice in one day and the licenses got confused so they blocked my service for a month - which I still had to pay for... Yah... Thanks guys).

Sorry, but I still don't get it.

I start AppStore on my iPhone.
I choose the search bar.
I type in "Spotify. 4-" and start the search.
I get two results (SFind, What's the song), none of them being the old version.

Please explain.

What is the "Spotify 4 thing"?
I don't find a way to "go back".
Please help.

at least give us the option if users want to revert to the old display. I would like to be able to favorite songs from my library, which why I don't understand replacing it with "songs"? If no changes to the layout happen or the option to keep the old player doesn't become available, I'll just delete it. Listening to music is a small luxury some people have with such busy schedules, ain't nobody got the time to figure out your "update".  

the new Update with all the black stuff and the new animations looks very nice and it is really better like before.
But there are severyl problems with this update:
1. I cant star Songs directly from playing screen, I have to add them manually to my starred playlist, which is my offline library.
     In the car, this is very bad for safty, bevore I had to wake up the phone and klick on the star, shat is it, now I can add the songs to my library, which I cant find a way to set this library as offline.
There I have to download every single song manually, this is crap.
2. The really bad thing comes now!!!
After the Update the app crashes nearly every day several times.
And after the update the battery consumption rise about double and the battery is always very warm, when spotify is playing.
Before the update after a workday (ca. 7-10h) music from offline library(starred playlist) my battery was at about 50-60%, after the update I had some days where I have to put my smartphone to charging after a workday, because there was only 20% left.
Sometime when I want to skip a song with the original (apple) earbuds it takes over 3 sec. to skip the track or it does nothing after all, that is really not like it should be.
Please fix these problems fast!!!
I love spotify and I want to use it without these problems like before, my new nearly shipped ford focus will have app link to spotify and I will use it, but when the problems are still there, I have to search after another app like this, today there are many of them for the same price.
Please help, to make the community happy!!!

Best regards Daniel

I saw today, that I got an Update of Spotify for my iPhone on April 23.
I tested some things and I checked my Battery drain.
I have to say, this Update has fixed all of problems, I had bevore.
The only thing I am disappointed like bevore is, that the star-button is changed to this "add to my favorite" and these favorites cant get offline. I have to go through my favorites and select every song and add it to a playlist 8mine is Starred) which is offline.

Ok I've been looking for the spotify 4 to assist you but I now can't find it? I was able to find it on my iPhone the day I posted this thread . I'm sorry but ask spotify help and I'm sure they will assist, that's how I found it originally a year back when they had another issue and the player wasn't functioning correctly . I believe it's calked spotify iOS 4

Personaly I like the design, but the update as a app is worthless. It crashes. I can't open the Your Music section anymore, the app crashes immediatly (100% reproducable), even after deinstalling app, installing, resetting iPhone, etc. Lucky me I found a previous version (0.9.3) in my backup, otherwise I had to stop the payment to move to Deezer.

I am a long time Premium client. The new app is to say the least worst I've ever seen. If you don't give an option for the last update I will end my subscription. The previous version was completely adecuate.

I like the look of the new spotify, quite a bit.  However, the functionality of it is frustrating to put it lightly.


I've tried the typical steps first, rebooting the phone. I even uninstalled the app, rebooted the phone, and then reinstalled it.  The issues persist.


When listening to a playlist, the skip to next song is very slow. Sometimes it takes 15-20 seconds before the song changes.  In the lock screen, the current song playing is usually not displayed and tapping on the next track button results in the same 15-20 delay before the song changes.

In the actual spotify app, when in a playlist, the current song playing doesn't display most of the time and still there is a 15-20 second delay before the song changes to the next one when I press the next track button.


Hopefully these issue are resolved soon. I may need to pause my premium subscription (been a premium subscriber over a year) until they are as it makes listening a challenge. I have a couple of larger playlists and at times I want to skip some songs as I listen to all my playlists on Shuffle mode.

Hey Spotify, can I get my money for this month back, and next month too if you don't send out an update to fix all the bugs?  Please?  This used to be the best $10 I spent every month and now I HATE it!

The shuffle and repeate buttons are now impossible to use properly. I have an iPhone 4S. Turning shuffle and repeat on and off is very difficult.

Also - as lots of people are reporting - this thing seizes and crashes all the time now. 


I wish there were another Spotify out there. A proper competitor would be great. I would go there now.

It looks like the update that was rolled out yesterday or today resolved the issues I was having. The Skip Track is much more responsive like it was in the past and the song artwork is displaying properly.


Happy Spotify User again.

Is there another APP that we can use that will show song lengths in the Playlists and also counter while playing. I can not use Spotify anymore without these features. So disappointed with this update. Why would they remove the counter. How crazy.....

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