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no radio option on my ios


no radio option on my ios

hey guys, Ive got the latest version of the spotify ios app on the latest ios version on a iphone 6s. even though on my mac osx i can use radio stations and open artist/song stations, I cant find that option on my ios app (its not showing when i click the "..." either.


any help?



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Hey folks,


Sorry for the delay!

Radio is not currently available for users in Israel, Romania, South Africa, and Vietnam. However, rest assured we're passing all feedback about this directly along.

If you're experiencing this issue and you're not in one of the above listed countries, we'd recommend heading to this thread.


Many thanks,


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Same here! following up this topic! 


Same thing here with iPhone 6s 


I have an iPhone 7, and just installed Spotify. However, I can't find the "radio" and "browse" buttons anywhere on the app, even though they're mentioned in Spotify's instructions here. My bottom bar only shows the home, search, "your playlist" and premium buttons.

Do I need to go premium to be able to see these, or am I missing something?

Hey All!

Thanks for the reports, I’ve escalated this with the folks at Spotify to see why this feature missing from the app or if its intented!

In the meantime could you let me know what version of Spotify you’re running!


Take Care,


Not sure if this helps or not, I've taken this issue with support today :

Tested on one of the support accounts: radio button shows Ok

Tested on my account : no radio button

Created new account : no radio button 

Tested on Android, same account : radio button shows Ok 

Not really sure what to make of all this.

Thanks for the info @Orangewat! The right teams have been asked for some information on this!


When they get back intouch it’ll be definitely posted here! 


Stay Tuned! 



Same here - on my phone iPhone 8 (I’ve had an account since 2012) I have all the buttons and I installed it today. 


My wife installed the app today on her iPhone 6s and signed up for the first time - only 3 buttons, and the interface seems slightly different to mine. Her Facebook profile picture doesn’t show like mine does anywhere - no notion of finding friends either. 


Both on latest iOS - both installed today 




Following as well. Signed up for the first time on monday (and subscribed to premium). Everything is there on desktop app, but on my iPhone X the radio tab (and everything related to it, such as creating stations from songs) is missing.


The macOS app has the normal radio features, while the iOS counterpart (latest version, iPhone X on the latest iOS version) has no remains of this feature.

So, today a Spotify representative wrote the following:
[Moderator Edit - inaccurate info]


I don't remember that I agreed to be a beta tester of Spotify. 

Please give us access to radio feature. 

Is that really your answer, Spotify?

As someone who works for an international consumer facing tech company myself, I understand and conduct A/B tests myself, but as far as I know (and to my humble understanding), this practice is usually best used for introducing new features, rather than removing old ones. I suppose that this was set for "new users" and it only so happened that it collided with your launch in Israel; a bad move, and seriously one of the worst decisions you can make when releasing your product to new audiences. That, along with the fact that for some reason you have decided not to launch the family plan, makes me question whether the launch was really thought through.

Please restore the radio functionality, at least to those who explicitly ask you to. Our money is good as any other's, and this is just embarassing and not at all on par with how praised your customer service is.

Or are you trying real hard to make us go back to Apple Music? Because, you know, we've already got iPhones. Wouldn't be so hard.

Personally I've installed the app when it became available in order to consider moving from Apple Music to Spotify. This sort of behaviour doesn't really help your case.

It’s not just the radio tab, it’s the whole radio feature!! If this is intentional, it is so obtuse. 


I cannot start a radio station from songs or artists and the “continue playing after the list ends” feature is also not working on ios. 

If that is their response, it is one of two things. Firstly, it is a lie and they have a probelm with the app and they are quietly fixing it. I doubt that is the case. Secondly, they are telling the truth and doing beta testing without informing users. The main reason I downloaded the app and created an account was due to my son telling me how great it was. He was asking to have a premium account, but I wanted to check it out too, especially if I am going to hand over my credit card for a montly payment. 


BUT, if this is the kind of actions Spotify will engage in without notification, I will NOT subscribe, and will likely consider walking away from the app in favor of a different music service.

Have exactly the same problem.

Have Ipone 7, joined to the premium 2 days ago and I don't have the Radio option.



I've recently purchased a Spotify Premium membership. I can't use the radio function on my mobile device- iPhone 7.

There is no radio option in the bottom toolbar nor when I press "..." in an artist's page. I can't even listen to Radio stations I've saved on the desktop app.

I am using Spotify in Israel.


Thank you!

Hey @OmerBuf, welcome to the Community!


You should have access to Radio if you're Premium. Try logging out and back in a few times to see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes.


I have subscribed to premium, but when I check my account status it reads PREMIUM TRIAL, and I still can”t use Radio.


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