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not receiving ANY notifications

not receiving ANY notifications

all the settings are set correctly, but i stopped receiving notifications a few weeks back somehow. i tried deleting and reinstalling the app and also turning off and back on the notifications, but it didn't work. what could be the issue?
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When you say all the Settings are set correctly, did you look at the phone settings as well as this?

Yeah. I found out why. On the iOS app's settings interface, "Disable all notifications" is under the email section. I checked that box thinking that it will only disable email notifications. Now on the link you sent, it shows as a seperate tab, which shows that it is disabling push notifications as well.

So, the iOS app's settings section UI is misleading and causing this problem.

Thank you for making me discover it on web.

Kind Regards,

Glad I could help! Let me know if you run into any other problems, but hopefully that won't happen.

As a matter of fact, it turned out that it's not the solution. I edited the setting as unticking disable all notifications, but I haven't got a single notification since then. I checked that there have been albums released, but I'm not getting any notifications! What else could be causing this issue? I will try to shoot it.




By the way, I found my exact issue. Here it is, and there is not a solution to it yet:

Fancy writing big paragraph to Spotify asking 'what's going on?'

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