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not working

not working

hi ya'll


i use to be able to use my spotify app on my iphone 5 with my yahama home system & now i can't.

It just goes to airplay instead of going through the spotify app to play songs on my home stereo.

I just bought the premium & now it's no good to me.

how do i cancel my premium account ,i.m not paying for somethime that is no use to me.

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Hi and welcome,


when you say that it "just goes t oairplay", do you mean that the music plays through the built in music app? Have you tried to change your audio source to your Yamaha-reciever on your iPhone?


Also, can you please try to reinstall the Spotify app on your iPhone?



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Hi, thanks for the reply,

I have wifi on my receiver & which has Pandora & spotify built right into the receiver ,so I downloaded the AV controller app for my Yamaha receiver & then downloaded the spotify app to play songs through the app onto the AV controller app which plays it onto my receiver.
Now it won't play through the AV app it just goes to AirPlay now instead of throught the AV app?
I use to be able to open up the AV app hit the spotify link which sends me over to the spotify app to open up spotify then select my receiver & bam I can control all the songs through spotify or the AV app.
Now it's just AirPlay & no spotify what happened ?

Which model name does your reciever have? 


Can you also please try to reinstall both Spotify and the Yamaha-apps on your iPhone. Something certainly sounds wrong. 

If my post solved your issue, please accept it as a solution.


I've tried everything & it's still the same!

Hi syler69 -- I have the Yamaha R-N301 with Spotify Connect. It's working for me. I have seen it on occasion refuse to play via Connect. I believe this is usually when another person in my household has paused music while also playing via Spotify Connect. Are you sure a session is not active on your receiver with another user?

I was able to re-establish a connection in this case by power cycling the receiver.

Hi Gomichaelkgo

Thanks for the reply,what do you mean by power cycling? & how would one go about it.

Unplug the receiver and then plug it back in. Also, do you have the
latest firmware on your receiver? Mine is at version 1.02.

Firmware is up to date.
I've unplugged plugged in 3 or 4 times now,still the same thing.

Not that I know of.

Has anyone else ever connected to it with spotify connect?

Not that I know of.

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