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"Ghost" (deleted) songs still showing up when using Spotify on Apple CarPlay

"Ghost" (deleted) songs still showing up when using Spotify on Apple CarPlay


Family Premium




iPhone 8 Plus

Operating System

iOS 12.3.2


My Question or Issue

Recently a few songs that I liked was removed from Spotify for some reasons. I first continued to saw them into my "Liked Song" playlist while they were greyed out, so I simply removed (unliked) them. Now they are now showing up into my playlist anymore, nor on my iPhone, nor on my computer, nor on the web.

HOWEVER, when I connect my iPhone to my Apple CarPlay sound system and play my "Liked Song" playlist randomly, the song that was removed by Spotify and that I removed from the list myself are still showing up on my CarPlay radio and when that occures, the radio is playing the next song in the list while the removed (unliked) song information are still displayed on the radio...


It's very annoying... so I tried everything yet, rebooted my iPhone, signed out from the iOS Spotify App and signed in back... same issue! Please note that I don't have this issue nowhere else because, like in the Windows 10 Spotify App or the web interface. I don't have the issue also when listening the playlist directly on the iPhone app (not on CarPlay mode). Can't tell if this is a new issue starting with a Spotify App update, since it's the first time I notice that Spotify remove one of the song that I like from the entire database.


Any suggestions?

1 Reply

Log in from Chrome or another browser AND delete the ghost song from liked songs

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