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"Now Playing" not updating in queue

"Now Playing" not updating in queue

The queue (i.e. the screen accessed by clicking the little button in the top-right of the player window) isn’t updating on iOS as songs are played or skipped.


The same song is listed under the “Now Playing” heading indefinitely — or until I either exit the app, or access one of the library or settings screens and return to the queue.


Note: the actual player window is behaving as expected.







iPhone 7 Plus

Operating System

iOS 11.4.1



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I think I've had the exact same issue. Have you been using the swipe shortcut to add items to your queu? You should try to press the 3 dots and then select "add to queu".


I hope this helps!

I find this happens even if I don’t add anything to the queue manually (e.g. just playing a radio station or shuffling a playlist).

Have you tried deleting, rebooting and then installing the Spotify app? It's an easy solution but it's often overlooked.

Deleting, rebooting and reinstalling didn’t help — but the good news is I know what triggers this issue now…


The queue works fine until you manually change the song order in the Next from: [playlist name] section (by dragging tracks up or down the list). As soon as you do that, whatever song is currently playing stays in the Now Playing section indefinitely.

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for raising this issue with us, and sorry for the delayed response.


There seems to be an ongoing issue with the Queue which many of our users are experiencing lately. For some of them it has been fixed, but not all.


Could you give us an update and let us know if you're still experiencing this speicific issue?





I downloaded the latest update yesterday (8.4.70), however I can confirm that this issue is still occurring.


In fact, it’s gotten worse now… In addition to the “Now playing” track not updating, if I manually reorder tracks (by dragging them up / down in the queue), the changes are all lost as soon as the track changes. I can repro this over and over.


Would you like me to create a seperate post for this one?

Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for the update 🙂


I've renamed the thread so that it better represents the issue.


Hoping that other users will now be able to find it more easily and report what's happening on their end.





Hey @user-removed,


There is another thread which seems to involve more users explaining the same issue as the one you're experiencing. Go here and add a +VOTE



ive been having similar issues with the que for the past 2-3 weeks now.  doesnt seem like spotify cares tho

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